AlfredaAlfreda Mafe

I am a Pharmacist who is extremely passionate about healthcare. I eat, live and breathe public health, and will be completing my Masters in Public Health soon.

I am a part of Nigeria Dialogue because the world needs to be saved, but as we all know, ‘Charity begins at Home’. The only people that can help move any country forward are its own children. If I can infect the people in my surrounding with my passion to proactively join hands together to help build Nigeria and they influence their group of people, then we can start a chain reaction towards a positive future.  

I believe we can bring change to Nigeria by talking to the people in there themselves, going to the villages and finding out their needs, creating pilots and trial which we can present to the change makers.  

My main vision for Nigeria is accessible health care, to bring sustainable and accessible healthcare to those who need it the most, the poor such as the NHS in this country provides.

I understand that we have a long way to go but we can start with even just access to basic medicines and health education which will in turn fight out counterfeit drugs and save lives. This change starts with just ONE person.