Bankole Banks Eniola

I am a management consultant committed to national development and citizens engagement and how it affects/influences governance.

During the day I consult for Fortune 500 companies like UBS, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland but in the evenings I am 150% focused on working for Nigeria Dialogue... My dream is to see a developed Nigeria in my lifetime.

When I’m not consulting or travelling, I’m watching football, or arguing about football or National issues. I can be found on Twitter as @bankymoore.

I work for Nigeria Dialogue because I believe that we need the right people in politics and I can use my influence to motivate many good-natured Nigerians to participate and engage our political class.

I believe we can bring change to Nigeria by reaching one person at a time, that by talking, sharing ideas and experiences, we can forge a new majority that will usher in the Nigeria we desire.