Using music as a tool to promote economic growth and development

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The Martianship Music Company creates and promotes inspiring music and visual content from diverse cultures and languages. We use music as a tool to uplift and enlighten people about the beauty of the cultures in our world.


To promote economic growth and development in all regions of the world by re-introducing each country through the creation of good music and positive visuals.


Our mission is to show the beauty that resides in our world, using music and positive visuals as a tool to debunk the negative stereotypes engraved in the minds of people through popular media.


We approach our service to humanity with love and respect. We believe our world is shaped by what we focus on so, we go the extra mile to shift the focus of the mind from negative to positive.


What we do.

Music Creation

Film, TV drama, Commercials and Artists.

Creative Directing

Music concerts, Stage plays, Album and single release projects.

Artist Development

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Music creation for clients on their roster, some of which include:

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Lovers Dance

This project was our way of saying "No to domestic violence". As is our custom, we rather direct the focus of the audience to the solution of the problem and not the problem itself. If we can get people to know what true love is, we can eradicate domestic violence.

"I believe love is all it takes to make our world a better place. True love that is -- and there isn't a better place to impart love and it's value than in the home. Father and mother interacting with each other in a manner that speaks respect, submission and love is the best visual you can give a child because, children are shaped by what they are exposed to.
Lovers dance is a song that assures your partner about your undying love whilst you're having a good time on the dance floor. It is a dance of sacrifice, leadership, follower-ship, respect and love."


by Spaceshipboi Project

The WORLDRADIO by SPACESHIPBOI project is a compilation of original music composed and created by IBK Spaceshipboi that’s aimed at showcasing the beauty in the World and destroying the negative stereotypes we have about certain Races, Cultures and Geographical locations through the power of good music, positive visuals and collaboration.

The goal is for IBK Spaceshipboi to travel to all 195 Countries in the World, working with local musicians in each Country to create music that is uplifting and in the official language of that location. We seek to create a platform for each Country to reintroduce itself to the World.

Countries to be featured on the first volume of this project include:

  • Colombia 
  • United States of America
  • Russia 
  • Turkey
  • Taiwan
  • Nigeria
  • India
  • Brazil

In 2016, IBK Spaceshipboi began the process with Cali, Colombia as his first stop. There He worked with his friends and Colombian representatives from the Onebeat 2015 program namely Fabian Sanchez and Daniel Demendoza as well as other local Musicians and Videographers on the first single called PADEYA.  

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